• Missing Feature: Export / Backup Hikashop Data

    Missing Feature: Export / Backup Hikashop Data

    Hello Hika-Team.

    I've been wondering if there are any plans on implementing some backup funtcions since there are already import functions.
    I would like some kind of Complete-Backup / Partial Backup (All Products/Categorys/single Products etc.) etc. At the moment it is only possible via PhpMyAdmin MySQL dumps + copy of joomla directory, right?

    Kind regards,

    You can use the "export" button on the products listing of the back end for that. Otherwise, if you want to backup your website, you can use akeeba backup.

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    I just found about about the product export.

    Ty for the hint with akeeba, i'll look into that!

    Yes tha't what I also missing.
    I use already akeeba backup but it's difficult to backup only Hika shop components.
    For example: If you setup hikashop in a test environment and after that, you want to transfer only the parts of hikashop to the final joomla installation, there's no easy way to do it. It would be nice either to get a detailled description of that or may be a modul insite hikashop to save the complete content (inclusive responding tables ) to restore it in another jommla installation.

    But I think that's something for the wishlist of hikashop ;)



    For this kind of things, I think that exporting and importing the database HikaShop tables is the best and fastest way.
    Via phpMyAdmin, you can easily get back your previous HikaShop configurations.








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