• Too many MySql connections

    Too many MySql connections
    I had a few problems with a test site Im creating ive contacted the host and they have said
    We have a limit of 10 concurrent MySQL connections and for database, it appears like you have exceeded the above limit and so you are receiving the error message. To over come by exceeding the maximum concurrent connections, please close all open connections in your script when there is no scope for fetching data from database?

    The maximum number of concurrent MySQL connections per user is 10. The limits are based per database login, not Control Panel log in or MySQL CNAME. It’s solely based on database login i.e. if you have one username connecting to 50 databases, there will be 50 connections, per database. You should use mysql_close () to close a normal connection at the end of the script or else the session with the database will be kept open. If you are using mysql_pconnect(), then such persistent connections are closed when the script finishes.

    Does anyone have any idea how or where im supposed to change those connections?
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    Re: Too many MySql connections

    Post by AMurray » Fri Sep 26, 2014 1:52 am

    It sounds like a third party extension is causing this (otherwise more people would report it if it were the Joomla core installation only.

    Can you please provide additional information, such as:

    1) Is this a clean install of Joomla (core only) or have you added third party extensions?

    2) When did this error start occuring - has Joomla worked correctly at any point? Does this occur when accessing administrator or front-end of the site?

    Suggested solutions:

    1) Perhaps try disabling extensions until the error does not occur?

    2) If you managed to find the trouble extension, ask the extension developer for assistance in providing a fix, or pointing you to the file required to change. Ask on the developer's website/forum etc if applicable.

    3) Duplicate the installation of Joomla in a separate folder and database; if you can use Akeeba Backup then us it to backup and restore with Kickstart, otherwise use the stand-alone edition of Akeeba.

    4) Install WAMPServer or equivalent on your PC and restore the site with Kickstart to your own computer. Your PC running Apache, MYsql, PHP won't be an exact match for your live host but it will determine if Joomla can run correctly without the error which could just mean the number of connections is set higher than your host's restrictions - doesn't exactly resolve the issue but points you in the right direction.








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