• Cannot see USB License Dongle in VirtualBox

    Cannot see USB License Dongle in VirtualBox
    I have an application that only runs in 32bit windows, but my laptop is Windows 10 64bit. I have created a 32bit Windows 10 installation in VB and the software works fine, except it cannot detect the USB dongle. The dongle appears in the main machine, but nothing in the virtual machine.

    I can connect and use a usb CD drive with no problem, The Sentinel appears in the usb list in the VM settings.

    I would guess that I am just missing something. Using 5-1-30...
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    Re: Cannot see USB License Dongle in VB

    Postby socratis » 11. Feb 2018, 10:28

    Wilf wrote:Using 5-1-30...
    I think you mean 5.1.30. That's not as new to cover the latest update of Win10. If you want to use the latest version for your host/guests, you should also consider doing the same for VirtualBox. Download the latest VirtualBox. As of this writing, that would be version 5.2.6. You should also consider the latest test builds, especially with all the Spectre/Meltdown patches coming in from all sides.

    As for your USB question, read the following thread: USB basics and troubleshooting, all of the posts. If you still have a problem after reading through the whole thing, please follow the advice of the last post, #8: Asking for help and post the information requested therein.








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